Statutory Accounts

Statutory Accounts are require at the end of each financial year. A set of financial reports of your business is needs to be prepared that is known as statutory accounts. All private limited companies are required to submit these accounts to Companies House and HMRC. Annual accounts give insight into the financial activity and performance of your company.

Year end accounts require expertise for accurate preparation and timely submission of tax returns. For limited companies a balance sheet and profit & loss statement is a must require to complete annual accounts. At Hayes Accountants our professional team will assist you with smart accountancy solutions by composing and filing your accounts on your behalf.

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The Company Statutory Accounts

A majority of small companies in the UK are small businesses according to the HMRC’s definition. Following companies are required to file company accounts:
  • Make a turnover of less or more than £10.2 million
  • Balance sheets contains less or more than £5.1 million
  • Company having less or 50 employees

  • If a company satisfies the above-mentioned conditions than it has to submit a company accounts file signed by the director or other partners.

    Our Statutory Accounts Services Core Areas:

    At Hayes Accountants, we believe that we are a better place for you to complete your accounts with our great expertise. Our services include:
  • Expert statutory accounts preparation based on financial records of the company in the relevant tax year.
  • Timely submission of statutory accounts and tax returns to HMRC and Companies House.
  • Updating on the latest legislation and relevant accounting standards
  • Year End Accounts with Hayes Accountants:

    Our expert and skilled accountants at Hayes Accountants will take care of your accounting needs and provide the best accountancy solutions. Our professional team will prepare and submit your accounts as required by your company. We process your annual accounts quickly and efficiently and also ensure the financial growth for your business by minimizing tax liabilities.
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