Self-Assessment Tax Return

HMRC uses a self-assessment tax return to collect income tax during each tax year. You are required to file a self-assessment tax return if you:
  • Earn more than £1000 as a self-employee
  • A partner in a business
  • Get rental income
  • Have sold properties or shares
  • Get foreign income
  • Getting child benefit even if your partner’s income is more than £50,000
Hayes Accountants offer great expertise and take the hassle to file your self-assessment tax return before the deadline. Our experienced accountants will calculate your taxable income and let you know how much you have to pay to HMRC.

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Self-Assessment Tax Return for Freelancers & Contractors

At Hayes Accountants, our contractor accountants had a great experience to manage your self-employed tax returns and complete your self-assessment with authentic information on time. We offer peace of mind by submitting your self-assessment file to HMRC by saving your time and money. After submission of your tax returns, our accountants make sure the confirmation and let you know how much income tax you are required to pay.

How Hayes Accountants Help in Filing Self-Assessment Tax Return

Our years of experience enable us to offer expert self-assessment services to handle your tax returns according to the latest legislation of HMRC. Hayes Accountants are professional accountants providing accounting and services all across the UK. Our accountants make sure that your tax returns are prepared with correct information and on time to meet the deadline. How we help you in self-assessment tax returns includes:
  • Carefully processing bookkeeping
  • Calculating your income tax
  • Completing SA100 self-assessment tax return form
  • Filing your tax return to HMRC
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