Married Couples Allowance

Married Couples Allowance

Married couple’s allowance won’t increment the income amount that you can get before paying your tax. Rather, as a confined allowance, it decreases your tax bill by 10% of the allowance you are granted to. As a married couple your tax bill can be reduced by £351 to £907.50 in a year.

Eligibility to Claim Married Couples Allowance

You will be able to claim married couples allowance if:

  • You are in a civil partnership or a married couple.
  • You are living with your civil partner or spouse.
  • One of your partners was born before 6th April 1935.

You are still eligible to claim married couples allowance if you are not living with your spouse or civil partner due to:

  • Illness or your spouse is in residential care due to old age
  • Away from home for work
  • Posted in an armed force
  • Living in prison
  • Education or training

How to Claim Married Couples Allowance?

1. Each year, if you file a self-assessment tax return you can claim your married couples allowance by filling Married Couple’s Allowance section.
2. If you do not file self-assessment tax return then you can claim married couples allowance giving following details to HMRC:
● Prove of marriage ceremony
● Your civil partner or spouse with their birth date.

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