Limited Company for Contractors

If you want to work as a contractor, the most tax-efficient way is to start a limited company. Starting your own limited company will benefit you in many ways and you can easily work as a contractor or freelancer. At Hayes Accountants, our expert contractor accountants will help you to start operating your limited company by assisting in administrative and paperwork. For starting a limited company, our specialist accountant will prepare your documents according to the legal and statutory obligations.

Benefits of a Limited Company for Contractors

If you want to offer your services as a contractor, setting up a limited company is the best choice for you. It will benefit you in the following ways.

  • More tax-efficient way for contracting
  • Professional image of your enterprise
  • You can join a flat rate VAT scheme
  • Personal liability is limited
  • Complete control of company affairs in your hands
  • For tax planning, you can also create shares

Why Contractors Choose Hayes Accountants to Set up a Limited Company?

Hayes Accountants are industry-leading providers of contractor accountancy and with extensive experience in the field, large numbers of our customers trust us for their accountancy needs. Our professional accountants will assist to set up a limited company and work as a contractor with no worries. We will prepare all the required documents and file them to Companies House and HMRC for registration of your limited company. All the work will be done with reasonable charges.


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