Dormant Company

In the UK, every limited company has to file accounts every year but if your company is not trading and classified as a dormant company then you only have to file dormant company accounts not the full company accounts. A company can be considered dormant if it has no source of income and no significant account transactions. If your company is not carrying out any trade, then you have to file dormant company accounts to represent your limited financial data. Our expert accounting team at Hayes Accountants provides the best accounting solutions to prepare and file your dormant company accounts to the Companies House and HMRC.

A Company is Dormant If:

For corporation tax purposes, a company will be considered dormant in the following conditions:

  • Not trading and not receiving any income including investment
  • New limited company and not started trading yet
  • A flat management company
  • Charity organization or unorganized corporation owing less than £100 tax
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    How to File Accounts for a Dormant Company?

    As a dormant company, you need to file your dormant accounts to the Companies House with relevant and authentic information. You are required to submit AA01 form including your company’s name, authentication code sent by Companies House, share capital, and name of one director. At Hayes Accountants, our professional accountants will prepare and file your dormant accounts and submit your AA01 form on your behalf to the Companies House.

    Why Choose Hayes Accountants for Filing Dormant Accounts?

    With our accountancy expertise and expert advice, Hayes Accountants will help you to file your dormant company accounts on time every year. Our professional accounting experts will prepare necessary documents and submit them to the Companies House with reasonable charges. For the extra peace of mind, you will also get a confirmation receipt after the submission of the company dormant accounts.