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Accountants for Dentists in London, UK

Keeping the smiles bright and the books balanced.

Hayes Accountants London are the go-to accountants for dentists in the UK. With a deep understanding of dental practices’ specific financial needs, their meticulous group provides moral and informed services that meet your specific needs. In addition to streamlining financial reporting, Hayes Accountants London ensure compliance with complex rules. This is so that you can focus on what you do best – imparting notable dental care – while we take care of the rest. Schedule a free accounting consultation today and discover how Hayes Accountants London can help your dental practice thrive.

If you ever want to practice on Mars, Hayes Accountants London is the only accountant you will ever need.

The importance of accountants for dentists in London

In London, dental professionals are vital to the city’s health as they craft smiles and gleam pearly whites. The silent heroes of oral hygiene are accountants. Behind every dazzling smile lies a complex financial landscape. The world of amalgam fillings would not be burdened by amalgamated tax burdens if root canals weren’t accompanied by rootless finances. Dental offices in London benefit from skilled accountants who bring that magic to the table.

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Do you have a mountain of receipts and invoices cluttering up your dental practice? Do tax deadlines send shivers down your spine instead of sparkling smiles?

No need to be afraid, fellow dentistry warriors! Keeping your books gleaming brighter than freshly polished teeth is our goal at Hayes Accountants.

Get rid of the stress of deciphering cryptic tax codes and wading through complex regulations. Our team speaks fluent “dentist” and understands your practice’s nuances, from insurance management to cash flow optimization. We ensure your financial health is equally impressive while you focus on creating radiant smiles.

Why you choose “Hayes Accountants London for Dentists in UK

Our dental practice’s financial woes can be solved without you scouring the phone book like a patient trying to find the perfect crown. Our nitrous oxide is like hitting the jackpot:

Avoid generic accountants who leave you feeling like you need another root canal.

Experience financial clarity like a minty mouthwash with Hayes Accountants London. Getting your financial smile sparkling starts with a free consultation!

Unlike machines programmed for generic accounting, we speak fluent “dentist.” We know how to navigate insurance labyrinths and maximize cash flow like a skilled hygienist.

You can say goodbye to late-night number crunching and tax code headaches. Let us handle the financial nitty-gritty so you can focus on crafting stunning smiles,not deciphering deductions.

Keeping you in the loop and confident in your financial decision is our anesthetic – we explain everything in terms you understand.

e’re not just number crunchers, we’re your financial champions. We strive to maximize your profits, minimize your stress, and empower you to achieve your practice’s full potential.

Financial wizards and dental enthusiasts make up our team of brilliant professionals. In addition to balancing the books, we provide tailored advice and proactive strategies to help your practice flourish.

Accountants for Dentists in London UK, Accountants in London, London Accountants, Hayes Accountants London, London, Hayes , UK, UK accountants, Dental Accountants

It’s time to say goodbye to dusty invoices and late-night spreadsheet struggles.Hayes Accountants London helps you streamline your finances with cloud-based accounting as effortlessly as a sonic toothbrush.

Here’s an example:

➦ Embrace the digital revolution:

Take advantage of the digital revolution by ditching your filing cabinets. Our secure online platform makes your financial records accessible from anywhere, 24/7. With it, you have access to your personal financial vault without having to visit the attic.

➦ Faster than a drill, real-time insights:

You don’t need to wait for quarterly reports anymore. Our intuitive dashboards let you keep track of your practice’s financial health in real-time. It’s like a live X-ray of your finances, revealing opportunities for growth and potential problems.

➦ We make collaboration easier than silk floss:

Online access to expert advice and seamless sharing of information. You don’t have to schedule complex meetings – receive support whenever you need it. You’ll have access to a financial consultant just a click away, ready to answer your questions.

➦ Security that’s tighter than a wisdom tooth extraction:

The privacy of your data is very important to us. Your financial information is safe and secure on our online platform thanks to advanced security protocols and encryption. This is your practice’s Fort Knox, impervious to digital intruders.

Hayes Accountants London will help you ditch outdated accounting methods and embrace the future.Our online services are convenient, transparent, and provide real-time insights, allowing you to focus on what you do best – creating healthy, beautiful smiles for your patients.

Get a free consultation today and find out what the future holds for dental practice accounting!

We are your right choice when it comes to Accountants for Dentists in London, Hayes Accountants London

A finance firm like Hayes Accountants London isn’t like any other. With us, your financial stress is numb and your practice is sparkling clean. From insurance labyrinths to maximizing cash flow, we speak fluent “dentist” and understand the nuances of your practice like a floss-wielding maestro.

In the future, financial reports will arrive faster than a hygienist can clean, and spreadsheets will be as obsolete as rotary phones. 

With our help, your finances will be as gleaming as a freshly polished crown, so you can focus on what you do best – creating radiant smiles. 

Let us transform the financial health of your practice with a free consultation!

Accountants for Dentists in London UK, Accountants in London, London Accountants, Hayes Accountants London, London, Hayes , UK, UK accountants, Dental Accountants

Hayes Accounting Services FAQ's

Great news for dentists! Most dental services you offer are exempt from VAT, so you won’t need to worry about claiming back VAT on them. However, keep in mind that some non-dental products and services you offer might still be subject to VAT at the standard rate.

If your practice offers both exempt and non-exempt services, and you end up paying VAT on both, you might be able to claim partial VAT refunds. Consulting with a qualified accountant can help you navigate the specifics and determine your eligibility.

Heads up! If the medical or dental benefits you offer your employees aren’t exempt from taxes, you’ll need to report them to HMRC and potentially pay taxes and National Insurance. Check out the HMRC website for the full scoop.

The NHS and dentists work together through a regularly updated contract that outlines the services provided, dentist compensation, and patient charges. Previously, dentists were paid per procedure, but now the system focuses on broader care goals.

For salaried dentists in community NHS services, annual salaries typically range from £40,000 to £87,000. Meanwhile, dental specialists in NHS trust hospitals earn a higher base salary of £79,000 to £100,000.

Instead of stating a single profit figure, mention a range based on different practice sizes, locations, and specialties. For example, “The profit for a dental practice in the UK varies significantly depending on factors like size, location, and specialty. However, after deducting staff, materials, and lab fees, average profits can range from £50,000 to £200,000 or more.”

Yes, Hayes Accountants London understands the importance of clear communication. We offer virtual consultations, allowing clients to discuss their accounting needs, ask questions, and receive personalized advice from our experts without the need for an in-person meeting.

You can book free consultation slot here “Get Free Consultation”

Our expertise spans diverse industries, from small businesses to large corporations, ensuring a tailored approach that suits your specific needs.

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There are a lot of ways you can contact, 

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Email : info@hayes-accountants.co.uk

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We are Accountants for Dentists

Benefits of Partnering with Hayes Accountants London

Together, let’s build a world where financial harmony empowers artistic expression, ensuring the dreams you design become the realities we inhabit.

The collaboration between architect and accountant is not just about managing numbers; it’s about building dreams. With Hayes Accountants London as your trusted partner, you can ensure your financial foundation is as solid and enduring as the structures you design. Contact us today, and let’s orchestrate your financial symphony so you can focus on composing the masterpieces of your imagination.


  • Deep Industry Expertise

    We understand the nuances of the architectural industry, allowing us to provide targeted advice and solutions.

  • Cutting-Edge Technology Integration

    Efficiency Redefined, Accuracy Amplified

  • Collaborative Approach

    We work closely with you to understand your unique needs and goals, developing a customized financial strategy.

  • Tailored Solutions

    We offer various services, from project costing and tax planning to cash flow management and business advisory. Streamlined Processes: We leverage technology to automate tasks and free up your time to focus on what you do best: design.

  • Peace of Mind

    Knowing your finances are in good hands lets you focus confidently on your creative vision.

Healthy finances for healthy smiles. Streamline your accounting, maximize your profits.


CEO & Co-Founder

Connect directly with our expert accounting team.

Let’s navigate your financial journey together – call us and experience the difference!

Get a Free Consultation

“At Hayes Accountants London, enjoy the advantage of direct communication with your dedicated accountant team, fostering a personalized and responsive experience for all your financial needs.”