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A partnership includes two or more people but works similarly to a sole trader. The written agreement should be in place between the partners and profits are usually shared between the partners according to it. All the partners in the agreement must be very clear about the fact that the profits might be shared unequally, but the liabilities which may arise are shared jointly. Even if you own only 1% of the business, you will still be 100% legally responsible.

Every year while preparing your statutory accounts, we will provide you with a report about your business insights highlighting you the areas that can help you increase your earning and future tax planning.

We don’t just provide you with the service of year-end accounts we also work with you throughout the year to provide you help with accounting matters, employee costs and payroll issues, tax planning, purchasing, inventory levels, VAT and any other matter where you require a professional advice

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Hayes Accountants are Certified Chartered Accountants. Hayes Accountants are specialized UK based Accounting service providers & a part of the group BNW Accountants & Tax Consultants. We provide our services, across London, everywhere UK and Europe.

We offer top quality accounting and taxation services supported what exactly our clients need with great entrepreneurial aspirations. Our core essence lies in our highly professional staff with diversified experience from the large 4, with a robust background our vision is to bring the very best quality of services at the door step of small & medium sized businesses, self-employed businesses, family owned businesses and therefore the sole traders by ensuring value for money for our clients to assist them progress and achieve their milestones.

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