Construction Industry Scheme - Personals cis tax returns and refunds

If you're self-employed and work in construction, we can help you claim an average tax refund of £2,000

HCC Accountants can help you with if you are working via construction industry scheme and need to submit tax returns and need refunds. 

Over the years, Hayes Chartered Certified Accountants has assisted numerous self-employed individuals who have their taxes deducted through the Construction Industry Scheme (CIS) by preparing their tax returns. In most cases, we are able to claim a refund once the correct tax amount for the year is determined and the previously paid taxes are taken into account.

Our prices are straight forward and reasonable, our Cost for a Personals CIS Tax Return is a flat £39 including VAT.

95% of our CIS customers get a tax refund, and the average value of the refunds is £2000 per year.

What is cis tax returns? How HCCA help in CIS Tax refunds?

If you are working via the Construction Industry Scheme (CIS), you’ll be required to file a Personals tax returns after your first year of trading and subsequent years. You’ll have to complete your tax return at the end of the tax year and pay  taxes that are due by the following January.

Hayes Chartered Certified Accountants operates differently from others in that we do not deduct a percentage from your refund; instead, we work solely on a fixed fee structure. CIS tax returns are a truth of existence for maximum individuals inside the building trade. A mistake while submitting a CIS tax return on line can mean paying far too much tax on your pay. That’s why HCCA has a consultant crew of specialists to provide CIS return help to construction industry employees.

What expenses can I claim for ?

A key a part of operating with the Self Assessment environment is understanding what fees you may claim for. Examples of allowable charges in construction include:

  • Meals, Insurance, Parking.
  • Cost of travel to the site.
  • Essential tools or equipment.
  • Materials you need for doing work.
  • General expenses of strolling your enterprise, from stationery to marketing.
  • Accountancy expenses.

These are the vital charges of doing enterprise, and that they rely against the income you are being taxed on.

Documents needed To claim your Construction Industry scheme - CIS tax refund

➤ Construction Industry scheme - CIS documents

From these statements the required analysis is of the payments and deductions made the contractor throughout the year to ensure the exact amount.

➤ Valid identification documents

Valid identification documents or identity proof may consists of passport or driver's license, as HMRC may ask to see them.

➤ Payroll documentation

Payroll records may be needed if you employ others for CIS tax refund claim.

➤ PAYE P60 or P45

PAYE P60 or P45 documents are needed if you have been employed.

➤ Invoices and expenses receipts

Keep all the records of expenses Such as invoices issued and receipts for prices associated with your subcontracting activities.

What are CIS tax returns deadlines?

The deadlines and last date for CIS tax returns is the same for all other tax returns – 31st January.

If you’re a contractor who pays other subcontractors, you’ll need to file your returns to HMRC by the 19th of every month following the last tax month.


The answer is Yes . All self-employed Individuals, such as CIS employees, have to submit a tax return every year. The tax year ends on 5th April and also you’ve were given until thirty first January the subsequent 12 months to send your tax return to HMRC.


Why you choose Hayes Chartered Certified Accountants for CIS TAX RETURNS

  • We have a team of certified accountants who are CIS TAX RETURN SPECIALISTS.
  • We provide reliable and fast CIS tax return services to the the clients.
  • When it comes to organising your CIS tax refund, transparency is key. We’ll ensure you remain compliant, making no promises regarding refunds that haven’t been approved by HMRC.
  • HCCA provide free online consultancy to the clients who are looking for CIS tax refunds.

Are you Looking for Construction Industry Scheme - Personals cis tax return Accountants in London UK ?

Are you really interested and want Documents needed To claim your Construction Industry scheme – CIS tax refund accounting services in London UK, Hayes Chartered Accountants are the right choice for you. We have specialised knowledge and experience as a cis tax return services .

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The Construction Industry Scheme (CIS) requires contractors to make tax deductions on behalf of their subcontractors.

CIS tax rebates generally take about 4-10 weeks for HMRC to process. 

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