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What is Capital gain Tax - CGT and what is it payable on?

Capital gains usually occur when an asset is sold for more than it costs to buy.  Typically, the asset is a property or some other investment like shares. 

For Example :
You bought a necklace for £10,000 and later sold it for £20,000. This means you made a capital gain of £10,000 (£20,000 – £10,000).

Some of the common assets includes 

  • Shares
  • Investment funds
  • Second properties
  • Inherited properties
  • The sale of a business
  • Shares now not held in an ISA or PEP
  • Cryptocurrencies
  • Business belongings
  • Property that is not your important home – residential or business

What assets are not liable?

Motor vehicles used to carry passengers for personal use are exempt from CGT. This includes classic cars. Motor vehicles not exempt include:

    • Racing cars
    • Taxi cabs
    • Single seat sports cars
    • Commercial vehicles such as lorries, van, buses etc.
    • Motor bikes, scooters etc.

HCCA Capital gains tax accounting services in UK

We provide expert tax advice for capital gain tax on 

  • Your Capital Gains Tax liability.
  • Capital Gains Tax bills.
  • Capital Gains Tax rates.
  • Capital Gains Tax allowance.
  • How to offset Capital Gains Tax.
  • Self assessment tax return.
  • Potential tax reliefs.
  • Tax planning.

➤ Capital Gains Tax Reliefs

When selling an asset, there are some of reliefs to be had , exempt or delay the Capital Gains Tax due.

➤ Capital Gains Tax on Gifts

We can help you to exempt from several taxes on precious gifts you receive.

➤ Capital Gains Tax on Divorce

When assets are split or sold as the result of separation or divorce, there are several capital tax gains rules to be considered.

➤ Capital Gains Tax on Inherited Assets

There are a lot of rules and regulations for the Capital Gains Tax on Inherited Assets.

➤ Non-UK Resident Capital Gains Tax

We have experience in lowering the Capital Gains Tax due on the sale of UK assets and land for non-UK citizens.

Calculate capital gains tax

The rate of tax applicable to capital gains on residential property is 28% to the extent combined income and gains are over the higher rate tax threshold and 18% otherwise.  The higher rate of tax for other types of gain is 20% but otherwise is at 10%.  A 10% rate applies to gains that qualify for business asset disposal relief.

Type of assetBasic rateHigher rate
Residential property18%24%

Hayes Chartered Certified Accountants can help you with Capital gains tax accounting services in UK

Looking for CGT services, Choose US.

Hayes Chartered Certified Accountants can help you with Capital gains tax accounting services in UK. 

The calculation of a benefit isn’t always continually sincere. While it can seem as simple as ‘proceeds less costs’ there may be reliefs you. You also need to bear in mind some other income you have got acquired in the tax year to determine what rate of CGT you want to pay. At Bracey’s, we will collect the information needed from you and bring a capital gains tax document to be submitted to HMRC, ensuring that any reliefs you’re entitled to are claimed and shown so you don’t omit out on these.

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If you inherit the asset, you will only be liable to capital gains tax personally if you dispose of the asset in the future.

You generally will not pay capital gains tax on other UK assets e.g. shares in UK companies, unless you return to the UK within 5 years of leaving.

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